Mordechai Comes Back for a Visit A Year after Suffering Severe Burns

February 7th, 2018 by Hospital with a Heart

Close to a year ago, shortly after Mordechai turned two, his family gathered for a festive meal and Mordechai pulled the cord of a water urn filled with boiling water and it fell on his head. He was admitted to Shaare Zedek’s David and Ann Kuppermann Pediatric Intensive Care Unit with severe burns on his face, scalp, back, shoulders, chest and right arm. His parents were very concerned and thought that he would have significant scars. The doctors reassured the parents and encouraged them not to lose hope.

This past week, staff of the Vivienne Wohl Paediatric Surgery Unit was very excited to see Mordechai. He looked magnificent as he walked along happily. His parents shared, “This is the opportunity to thank G-d and Shaare Zedek’s medical staff who were incredibly devoted to Mordechai during his 12 days of hospitalization. The staff was very encouraging and supportive of us [his parents] and we are very appreciative… There are no marks left except for a small scar on his scalp.”

Mordechai, it was great to see you laughing and playing and we wish you and your family much good health and happiness. Thank you for the delightful visit!