Prof. Halevy shares in a speeach that Shaare Zedek is at the forefont of research in Israel

November 22nd, 2018 by Camrin Parnell

Prof. Jonathan Halevy, the Director General of Shaare Zedek Medical Center, spoke at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference yesterday. He said, “Running a hospital in 2018 is very different than running a hospital in 1902 [the year Shaare Zedek was founded]…This conference is about innovation and hospitals can contribute to innovation in the medical and scientific world… Shaare Zedek plays a central role in innovative medicine in the State of Israel”

Prof. Halevy explained that hospitals are responsible to cure diseases and save lives; eliminate physical and emotional suffering; train the next generation of medical and paramedical personnel; and contribute to medical research. Prof. Halevy shared that Shaare Zedek is at the forefront of medical research. He explained, “Most modern medical achievements are accomplished through cooperation between universities, the pharmacological industry and hospitals…Shaare Zedek established a research center ten years ago that focuses on a combination of clinical and translational research. The center cooperates with hospitals around the world to hold clinical trials and develop new medications and treatments to help cure the sick.”

Professor Halevy also shared that the medical center has 1,000 beds, admits over 150,000 patients to its emergency room and that Shaare Zedek is one of the city’s two major trauma units and since it is located in the geographical center of the city of Jerusalem, “most of the severely wounded casualties of terror attacks or vehicular accidents are brought to Shaare Zedek.”

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