Two sisters and how they both ended up giving birth at SZMC

November 22nd, 2018 by Camrin Parnell

Two sisters, both living in Jerusalem, discovered several months ago, that they were both pregnant and expecting around the same time. One of the sister’s decided to give birth at Shaare Zedek and the other chose a different medical center.

The sister giving birth at Shaare Zedek gave birth first and had two reasons for calling her sister soon after the birth she explained, “I wanted to share with my sister that I had given birth and I also really wanted her to know that I had such a warm and pleasant birthing experience.” At the time, the other sister did not realize how timely that conversation would be. Soon after they got off the phone, the second sister went into active labor and she decided to give birth at Shaare Zedek as well.

The sister’s gave birth twelve hours apart and they are enjoying sharing a room in our maternity ward while the cousins (their children) get to know each other.

Mazel tov to both sisters and their families!