A New Mini Taxi Service at Shaare Zedek

April 26th, 2017 by Hospital with a Heart

Thanks to the Dream Doctor Project, children are eagerly hopping onto this wonderful tricycle wagon to get to their medical tests, treatments, surgeries or just to enjoy a fun ride.

One of our Dream Doctors (medical clowns), Piccolo (Dan Grodzinski) shared, “We realized that often, as children and their families are on their way to surgeries and different medical tests, the patients and the people accompanying them become more nervous and stressed.”  With the Dream Doctors at the wheel, getting around the hospital has never been so much fun and eases the patients into new situations.

Piccolo explains, “The ride is a fun and empowering experience that brings the child into an imaginary world filled with fantasy… During ride, the medical clowns involve the child which gives them a sense of control and increases their willingness to cooperate with the medical team.”

Before each drive, the child helps the driver as they perform the final check to ensure that the vehicle is ready. They check all of the horns, the brakes, lights and more…

We wish all riders safe travels…