Sick of wearing your glasses? Our Laser Vision Institute can help…

November 15th, 2018 by Camrin Parnell

Do you wear eyeglasses? As the winter begins, is it frustrating to have drops of rain on your glasses? Is it hard to workout with your glasses? Is it annoying to try and put on 3D glasses?

“Laser surgery to get rid of glasses can help 70-80% of the people who wear glasses…Today, there are many technological advances and there are different ways to help people who wear glasses. People who suffer from dryness in their eyes can be treated by a specialist in the department. People who have a high prescription can have a lense implanted in their eye. If older people are suffering from cataracts, we can fix it using a specific surgery,” Dr. Smadja head of our Laser Vision Institute in Shaare Zedek Medical Center explained.

A new technology called Topography Guided Lasik can repair vision at the level of single microns and has completely changed the field of ophthalmology. The entire process, including the preparation and preparing the equipment is very quick, it typically takes less than twenty minutes. In 80% of cases, several hours after the procedure, the patient can already see normally (6:6) and won’t feel any pain or discomfort.

For the past twelve years, Shaare Zedek followed patients who underwent similar procedures and only 5% returned for an additional procedure. However, Dr. Smadja shared that the technology today is more advanced and he expects even more successful outcomes.

Please read this article (in Hebrew) for additional details.

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